Rolex Jubilee Bracelet Stretch Repair, Fixing, Band Restoration


Dixon Watch Co offers repair and preventative maintenance work for Rolex bracelets, Vintage and Modern.
Main repair would be for bracelet stretch that occurs on Oyster or Jubilee bracelets overtime occurring from daily wear, usually from wearing the bracelet too loose or going too long in between cleans where moisture, dirt and debris build up in between the links and causes a strong abrasion that will wear out the pins, sleeves and links, causing the loose stretched out appearance.

All work is carried out in the workshop here in Sydney Australia with a fast turnaround. Procedure is time consuming and will be complete in 2 weeks, each link is taken apart and assessed, in some cases laser welding will be required. Then all parts are ultrasonic cleaned and pins/ sleeves replaced. After reassembly, bracelet will be polished and cleaned again.
As pictured. Restoration of a 93150 submariner bracelet, repinned and sleeved. Rivet on clasp repaired, there are some wear on some links left as is.

At the moment, we are only accepting jobs for 20mm Oyster or Jubilee bracelet in Stainless Steel or Two Tone Steel and Gold. Each bracelet will be accessed for a more accurate quote. Laser welding certain parts will be at an additional cost. Prices starting at $600aud including GST.

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